Toscana IGT
750 ml.

“E’Ssenza” is the first wine without added sulphites produced by Conte Guicciardini and represents the first innovative wine of the “Ottosecoli” line created for new ideas and new projects. Producing a wine with no added sulphites means focusing on the enhancement of natural aromas and terroir. The necessary condition is an extremely careful work in the vineyard and in the cellar to obtain very healthy grapes and wines capable of self-defense without the need of additional protection in addition to the sulphites naturally present in the grapes. Pleasantly fruity on the nose, soft on the palate, smooth and captivating sip, E’Ssenza looks like a fresh and fragrant wine, suitable for all occasions. Excellent in combination with all first courses and grilled meats.

Grape varieties Sangiovese
Wine making Process Fermentation in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature of 26-27°C, 14 days maceration.
Maturing and Aging in vats and then in bottle.
Alcohol 13 – 13.5 % Vol.

Tasting Notes Ruby color with purple reflections, typical aromas of young Sangiovese which open to fruity hints, balanced and very soft tannins. Pleasant finish that calls the second sip.

di Ferdinando Guicciardini

Via Fezzana 45 /49 – Montespertoli (Florence)
Phone: +39-055-82315 / +39-055-82335 / +055-82373 – Fax: +39-055-82368

C.C.I.A.A. Firenze n. 241672 – Cod. Fisc. GCCFDN37B06D612W
Part. Iva 00643220486 – Cod ISO IT 00633220486
Email: info@conteguicciardini.it – Pec: conteguicciardini@legalmail.it

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