Toscana IGT
750 ml.

Canaiolo Nero is an ancient traditional grape of Tuscany. An ancient document of 1822 preserved in the historical archive of the Castle drawn up by the factor of the time, spoke of it as one of the most suitable vines for the production of Vin Santo, a sign that Canaiolo was already cultivated in the hills surrounding the farm. Subsequently, Canaiolo, considered a native Tuscan grape, was frequently used as a complement to Chianti to give to the Sangiovese aromas, body and pleasantness. In purity, it is a wine with a strongly typical and territorial character. The name Canaiolo could derive from the Latin dies caniculares, the hottest period of summer (heat wave), from the end of July to the end of August, when the grapes is starting to change color. Some of the synonyms of this vine (Canina, Cagnina, Uva dei Cani) may also suggest or canine grass, perhaps due to the characteristic bitter note of the wine obtained from it.

Grape varieties: Canaiolo.
Wine making and aging: fermentation and aging in stainless steel vats.

Tasting notes: Fresh and vibrant floral notes, hints of fresh red fruit and typical Tuscan aromatic herbs. Great freshness and pleasantness on the palate. Authentic character, fine and dry taste, round and full at the same time. Straightforward and highly drinkable wine.

Food pairings: first courses with meat sauce and savory soups. Stewed and boiled white and red meats, liver and game in general.

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